• navneet bharadwaj


What is common among Steve Jobs, Diego Maradona, Kishore Kumar, Michael Jackson, Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein?

Genius? Gifted? Well... May be, MAY BE NOT!!

They achieved greatness in respective fields, not because they were super-humans or something, but because they demanded themselves of great excellence. They were true artists who evolved to the highest potential.

So, coming to the point, they were not god's favorite children but they worked hard enough to develop amazing skills which made them unique.

Just like a software gets an update after a period of time, humans also need to acquire constant knowledge to stay in the race.

Work on these skills to stay at the top:


1. Digital Marketing

2. Great command over programming languages like Python, Java etc.

3. Cloud Computing

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

5. Effective communication like negotiating, leadership etc.

A great skill is like an antidote we all need to kill unemployment.

Signing off.


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